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Fire management

Fire management

Modern approaches to a time-proven strategy of mosaic burns

Weed control

Weed control

Staying on top of Bellyache Bush

Our country

Our country

The natural beauty and cultural values of Carpentaria

Traditional ways

Traditional ways

Programs to educate and excite our youth

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Gulf Savannah Burning Guidelines

What are your fire landscapes, and when is it next due for a burn?

Native Title

Lotus: Native Title

CLCAC is the largest and most eminent corporate entity representing the rights and interests of Traditional Owners in the southern Gulf of Carpentaria.  The corporation draws its membership from the nine Aboriginal language groups whose traditional lands and waters are located in the Gulf.

Economic development

Economic development

The CLCAC's Business and Economic Development Program builds on current initiatives to drive new business and economic development opportunities in the region. The program also provides strategic and commercial planning support for PBC’s to ensure they are viable and sustainable in the long term.

Land and Sea

Lotus: Native Title

The Land and Sea Program undertakes management activities that enhance the protection and management of natural resources for the long-term benefit of Traditional Owners and communities.This program is an extension of our role as a native title service body.

Stories on country

31 May 2017

This September Traditional Owners from the lower Gulf will be attending the AFAC17 powered by INTERSCHUTZ event in Sydney.  It will be an exciting opportunity to promote the newly developed soon to be nationally accredited Jigija Indigenous Fire Training Program.  Terrence Taylor, Coordinator and Lead Instructor, will outline the concept and development of this Training Program and reflect on its pilot delivery in May 2017.  The conference is all about Collaborating for Success – Improving performance in emergency management and Terrence will describe the effective partnership deve

26 Oct 2016

Designation of Gangalidda People’s traditional country on the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership Network

18 Mar 2016

Ten Gangalidda and Garawa Rangers recently completed another round of shorebird identification training with renowned ornithologist (bird expert) Roger Jaensch.  The training session also included a survey of known bird roosts found between the Leichhardt and Albert River mouths.  Though conditions were extremely hot and the going was tough on our team, several thousand birds were observed roosting on the intertidal flats between the river mouths.  Such data adds to the recent nomination of Tarrant (located immediate

10 Mar 2016

CLCAC Rangers completed the last round of training required to complete their Certificate II in Remote Crocodile Management on 4 March, in an intensive two week training program that included weekend work.  This round of training focused on nest surveys and egg incubation. 


16 Jun 2015

Good evening, my name is Thomas Wilson. I am a Lardil person from Mornington Island in the southern Gulf of Carpentaria.  My people are saltwater people, the neighbours of the Yangkaal, Kaiadilt and Gangalidda Peoples. 

Before proceeding, I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of this country where we are gathered this evening. I would also like to acknowledge all traditional owners that have travelled from far and wide to attend this conference.

2 Apr 2015

 Native title rights and interests were yesterday formally recognised in Burketown by the Federal Court of Australia over a number of culturally significant areas and sites, including: