CLCAC’s Land & Sea Management Unit has two (2) very successful Indigenous Land & Sea Ranger Groups located in Burketown and Normanton which employs 19 full time Rangers and two Ranger Coordinators who are responsible for activities that protect and manage the natural and cultural resources of the southern Gulf of Carpentaria for the long-term benefits of Traditional Owner Groups and Communities.

CLCAC is now seeking to fill one (1) vacancy by recruiting suitable person from the Gangalidda and Garawa Groups to fill the role of an Indigenous Land & Sea Ranger based in Burketown.
At capacity, CLCAC’s Burketown Ranger team is made up 11 Rangers as well as a Ranger Coordinator who have been successful in achieving some significant outcomes. The ideal person for this position will hold a current driver’s licence and will be someone who is driven by learning whilst taking direction and has the ability to communicate effectively and respectfully with both indigenous and non-indigenous people.
Due to the nature of the work, field trips and camping for extended periods is necessary, often needing the Rangers to be away from their residences and homes for up to two (2) weeks at a time.

The position of Indigenous Land & Sea Ranger will be responsible for the following Project activities:

• Feral animal and weed control;
• Fire management;
• Land and sea patrols;
• Cultural heritage protection and recording;
• Surveying natural habitats;
• Electronic data collection relating to natural resource management;
• Maintenance and repair of CLCAC vehicles, boats and other assets; and
• Provision of logistical and other support to CLCAC staff as directed.

The commencement salary for the position is $49,868.00. The successful applicant will be renumerated in accordance with their experience. CLCAC also offers regional employees a two (2) week paid shut down period over Christmas, five (5) weeks annual leave, ten (10) days personal leave, long service leave after seven (7) years of continued service, salary sacrificing options, uniforms and all formal training.

Please forward your resume outlining your prior work experience and training, along with a cover letter outlining why you think you would be the most suitable person for this role. This position is identified that it requires a current ‘C’ Class Drivers Licence & Positive Notice Working with Children Blue Card.

Applications should be marked ‘Private and Confidential’ to the address outlined below and must be received by no later than close of business Friday 17 February 2022. 

CLCAC Land & Environment Projects Coordinator
PO Box 71
Or email to:

Note: “This is an identified position and under section 25 of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld). It is a genuine occupational requirement for this position to be filled by an Indigenous person.”

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact: Desmond Armstrong on 0427 112 021.

Event date:
17 Feb 2022
Release date:
25 Jan 2022
Corporate News
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Upcoming and recent events

Event date:
28 Sep 2014

Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation 30 Year Anniversary Celebrations.

Event date:
15 Mar 2014
CLCAC hosted the region's first Indigenous Economic Development Summit in Burketown (March 2014). The Summit was called by Traditional Owners, key industry and business leaders and government officials. Key topics included tourism and small business opportunities.
Event date:
15 Oct 2013
The Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation (CLCAC) held an Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Burketown Shire Council Hall on 16 October 2013.

Stories on country

13 May 2020

CLCAC’s Native Title Holders may be aware that the federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment’s Geological and Bioregional Assessment Program (GBA Program) were pursuing a three stage program of investigations into the potential for shale gas fields in the Gulf region (fracking).

26 Oct 2016

Designation of Gangalidda People’s traditional country on the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership Network

18 Mar 2016

Ten Gangalidda and Garawa Rangers recently completed another round of shorebird identification training with renowned ornithologist (bird expert) Roger Jaensch.  The training session also included a survey of known bird roosts found between the Leichhardt and Albert River mouths.  Though conditions were extremely hot and the going was tough on our team, several thousand birds were observed roosting on the intertidal flats between the river mouths.  Such data adds to the recent nomination of Tarrant (located immediately to the west of the survey area) for its inclusion as a distinct site wit

10 Mar 2016

CLCAC Rangers completed the last round of training required to complete their Certificate II in Remote Crocodile Management on 4 March, in an intensive two week training program that included weekend work.  This round of training focused on nest surveys and egg incubation. 


With the completion of their training to a Certificate II level the Rangers can begin to explore commercial enterprises involving crocodile management, a long-time aspiration of local Traditional Owner groups. 


2 Apr 2015

 Native title rights and interests were yesterday formally recognised in Burketown by the Federal Court of Australia over a number of culturally significant areas and sites, including:

19 Mar 2015

Members and Traditional Owners please be aware that the person (David Nilsson) referred to in the attached 60 Minute Report as a Carbon Cowboy is attempting to engage Traditional Owner groups in the Lower Gulf.