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About us

Our Objectives

CLCAC has an important role to play in not only ensuring that we help protect the rights and interests of Traditional Owners, but also do what we can to empower our people to take advantage of opportunities and respond to the challenges of the future.

Our Values

  • Unity
  • Leadership
  • Commitment
  • Integrity

Our Vision

To be the leader of sustainable indigenous economic development in the lower gulf region where our people are self determined and empowered to take control of country, culture and their economic future.

Our Goals

  • An accessible, responsive and well managed organisation.
  • Country is well managed.
  • Strong, sustainable region.
  • Obtain positive determinations of Native Title and assist Prescribed Body Corporates.

Our Principles

In pursuing our vision and objectives we will adhere to the following key principles:

  • CLCAC’s Board will continue to maintain equal representation for each on the nine constituent Traditional Owner groups.
  • CLCAC’s Board will continue to provide a credible and effective forum for regional discussion, planning and action.
  • CLCAC recognises the need to continue to strive for the recognition of native title and to assist Traditional Owners to protect and manage country.
  • CLCAC will support the cultural and economic aspirations of Traditional Owner groups.
  • CLCAC will invest in the continued development of its people to build capacity within the region.