The Normanton Land and Sea Rangers started in 2008, funded by the Queensland Government. Formally known as the Wild River Rangers Program, the name was eventually changed to the Queensland Indigenous Land and Sea Rangers in 2011.

The Normanton Land and Sea Ranger unit is comprised of six fulltime Rangers all from the three Tribal groups in the Lower Gulf of Carpentaria (Kukatj, Gkuthaarn, and Kurtijar).

The main role of the Ranger unit is to carry out conservation and land management activities on country such as feral animal management, weed control, fire management, wetland and biodiversity monitoring as well as conducting activities linked to local Indigenous Culture. Direction for these tasks is informed directly to the aspirations of Traditional Owners within our region and has been formalised in Sea and Land Management Plans developed in consultation within the community. Our operational area covers from the Staaten River in the North to the Leichardt River in the west.

For any other enquiries about the Normanton Land and Sea Rangers contact us at:

11 Wurrup Street
PO BOX 464
Normanton QLD 4890

Phone: (07) 4745 1556
Fax: (07) 4745 1569

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23 Aug 2014

The Normanton Rangers have conducted the first ever large-scale documentation of waterbird breeding colonies (herons, ibises, cormorants and allies) in the lower Gulf of Carpentaria.

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CLCAC ranger groups are serious about reducing the damage from feral animals. Feral pigs, for example, have a devastating impact on the environment. They destroy crops, stock and property, spread weeds and transmit diseases, and result in loss of habitat and food resources for native wildlife.

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Normanton Rangers form around Wild Rivers being declared over waters flowing to Mornington Inlet.